Deserves a Great Brand

If you’re here, you’re likely a curious founder or passionate side-hustler with big ideas. I'm here to help you manifest those ideas and tell your story.

Helping you create brand loyalty with your customers

"89% of buyers are loyal to brands that share their values" Remember a brand you're obsessed with? One you're loyal to the core and can't seem to explain why. It's no coincidence, a relevant brand overflows with personality without compromising its strategy.

Whether you have a business looking for a rebrand or a brand new project looking for its own unique voice, this is your invitation to create the brand of your dreams.

My Services

These are the services I specialize in, however I also collaborate with talented professionals who offer services such as naming, illustration, web development, marketing and more.

Frequently Asked

What kind of brands do you work with?

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From haute couture to food and beverage brands, I have worked with clients from various industries and sizes. As long as you are curious and eager to start creating with your brand, we're good to go!

How much do you charge for a project?

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The price of each project may vary according to three criteria: scope, service type and time. Depending on what and how many deliverables, services and deadlines are requested, I will prepare a custom made quote to meet your brand needs. If you want to request more information about my rates or ask for a quote, send me an email to hola@luacieza.com

Do I have to be somewhere specific to work with you?

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Not at all! I'm currently located in Lima-Peru, however I work remotely with several clients from all around the world

Can you make the logo bigger?

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Haha, gotcha!