Mr. Goodwill


Packaging and Visual Identity for a pizza restaurant from Lima - Peru



Mr. Goodwill is small restaurant in Lima, Peru inspired by American fast food restaurants with an offer of premium ingredients and a twist on the main product, a pizza that you can create to your liking. It's the first pizza restaurant in Lima created under this DIY concept, the main idea of the brand is to meet the particular taste of its consumers, since it lives in such a demanding gastronomic market, Peruvian palates would not be satisfied with just any product, that is why they also offer the best quality ingredients (toppings) so that, regardless of the combination created, the result is always delicious.

During the development of the identity, we moved away completely from the stereotypical Italian restaurant / trattoria design and created an equally relevant solution for the industry, a mix between an artisan pizza restaurant and a retro-modern fast food chain that will be easily remembered by their audience. An iconic logo inspired by vintage American fast food signs backed by an identity based on all the possible combinations of pizza toppings offered by the brand. The geometric style of the combinations of different ingredients help consumers to recognize all the pieces of the restaurant at a glance, including the packaging and content on social media, while highlighting the specialty of the brand. That's also why the main claim of the brand is: "Your Pizza, Your Rules".

Case study coming soon...